The Newest Innovation in
Patient Extrication.

A dolly designed specifically for transporting people while preventing first responder back injuries: extricate patients from tight or restricted spaces by rolling, not carrying.

WauK® Board

Stop Hurting Your Back!

The WauK® board is a one-of-a-kind, patented design adds the functionality of a dolly to a conventional backboard, allowing a first responder to extricate an immobilized patient from tight, restricted spaces. It’s the ideal companion to a stair chair because the WauK® board allows rescuing patients that must remain supine (lying face up), without carrying them.

  • - Roll a patient, rather than carry a patient.
  • - Remove patients from the most constricted locations.
  • - Prevent career limiting back injuries.
  • - Prevent movement of the patient during extrication.
Don't carry... ROLL a patient instead

Uses of WauK® Board

Bariatric Patients

Patient Evacuation

Active Shooter

Small Elevators


Tight Spaces

Mobile Home

Water Incidents

The WauK® board fits in all ambulance types

Fits in All Ambulance Types (I, II, III)

Type I

A compact WauK® Board stored in a Type I's backboard storage compartment.

Type II(vans)

A compact WauK® Board stored in a Type II's backboard storage compartment or attached to the bench seat with mounting straps.

Type III

A standard WauK® Board stored in a Type III's backboard storage compartment.

The Newest Innovation in Patient Extrication.

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Important Points About WauK® Board

  • Washington DC’s Chief Medical Examiner office relies on the WauK® board for deceased removals.
  • Brevard County, Florida — home of the Kennedy Space Center — adopted the WauK® board on ambulances county‑wide after field testing for 2 months.
  • “The WauK® board should be the standard of care for extrication of patients with or without evidence of spinal cord injury.”- Dr. Gregory R. Brammer, MD, FACEP.
  • Miami-Dade County’s Chief Medical Examiner uses WauK® boards for deceased removals.
  • Fairfield Hose Co. moved a 550lb patient off the floor, into his chair, then to the ambulance. Chief Hawryliw said “we could not move this patient without a WauK® board.”
  • Butler County EMS Council in Pennsylvania adopted the WauK® board county‑wide.
  • Milwaukee’s Chief Medical Examiner recently purchased WauK® boards for deceased removals.
Built for EMS and Rescue, Lead by a Service Disabled Veteran

Waukboard Products and Accessories

Standard WauK® Board PART # WBS100-SO

Full size WauK® board with wheels, footrest, and
2″ additional head room for the patient.


Compact WauK® Board PART # WBC110-SO

Compact size WauK® board with wheels, footrest. Fits in smaller ambulances.


Mortuary WauK® Board PART # WBF120‑GR

WauK® board with wheels, footrest, and quick disconnect handles.


Patient Strap Combo Pack PART # STR203-BK

Set of three black Morrison two-piece straps with swivel speed clip ends, 5′ polypro straps, all with plastic buckle.


Mounting Straps PART # STR210-BK

Secures WauK® board in Type II ambulance. Danko 2″ black mounting strap w/plastic side release buckle and 2 metal footman loops. Maximum length 25″. Set of two. (How to Use)

Head Immobilizer PART # HID220-WH

Multi-Grip universal head immobilizer. Includes head and chin straps.

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